Ten fings you prolly don’t knows about me . . .

10 fings you prolly don’t knows about me 1. I don’t comes when I am called.- neber eber bekaws I’m me own man. Mum did takes me to the dog training for lotsa times but the lady sayed I’m the leader of the lost causes tribe. That means that I […]

Welcome to my Websites Colouring Contest

Hello ebryone! I be gonna has a colouring compytishun so mum is going to write the destructshuns on how you can enters. Mum… you can speaks now…! We would like you to colour in your own cute little General Jed picture and enter our “Welcome to my Websites” competition! All […]

Happy Face Jed

Welcomes to my Websites

Hello ebryone I’m Jed and welcomes to my websites. You prolly knows me as the portant Instagram lebrity General Jed-leader of the international Petzforce. You can finds me @petcationz where the Petzforce goes on missions all around the world to saves pet kind from terrible evils On my website you […]

General Jed

My Dog Jed

In June last year one of my close friends, Zoe, told me that her dog had passed away, his name was Tiger. Tiger was very important to Zoe and her family and as you could imagine, they were devastated. Zoe’s mum is the biggest animal lover you could ever imagine, […]