Jack is the most used term for the male donkey with Jennet or Jenny for the female and Gelding for the castrated Jack donkey.

Geldings and Jennies make the best pets as they are usually evenly tempered.  The Jack donkey, if frustrated, can be dangerous and is capable of killing young foals or other animals and generally inflict injuries to other animals or people.

Young Jacks that have been gelded can make wonderful, quiet and well balanced pets.

The donkey has a strong instinct for self-preservation which is often mistaken as pure stubbornness.

Donkeys are perfect mounts for children – they tend to be more gentle, slower, smoother and more cautious than ponies.  They are also more surefooted and less “flighty” than horses.

For more information:

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englishirishdonkey English/Irish Donkey Compact and small, strong and sturdy, this donkey has an excellent temperament, is very active and willing.  They are and ideal pet and a safe mount for children and adults alike standing between 9hh and 11hh.
australianteamsterdonkey Australian Teamster Donkey An excellent medium sized donkey usually found now as a recreational animal for harness, under saddle or pack, in the show ring and as a devoted companion
americanmammothjackstock Mammoth Jackstock A tall donkey with some reaching 16 hands there have been limited breeding stock imports recently from the USA to Australia and New Zealand of this breed.  The initial Australian Mammoth line disappeared in the 1970’s as a result of their inability to survive as well as the medium size donkey in the arid areas in which they lived.
americanminiaturemediterraneandonkey Miniature Mediterranean Donkey First imported to Australia in the 1990’s, they are a specific breed and not ‘bred down’ to size.  Their maximum height is 36 inches.  They are very personable and make both wonderful pets and fun competition / recreational donkeys.
poitou_donkey4 Poitou Donkey A rare and endangered species thought to have been introduced to the Poitou region of France by the Romans.  They are mighty, robust animals with a thick, wooden brown coat.
Micro Miniature Donkey Micro Miniature Donkey Not yet a breed in its own right, the Micro is a Miniature donkey that does not exceed 30 inches at the wither.  They are predominately used as pets and are shown extensively in the USA.  Showing is limited in Australia at this time.
Australian Donkey Australian Donkey Standing between 11hh and 13hh, they are perfect for riding, showing, harness and trekking.  They originated from donkeys brought over during war times and then released to breed unchecked into a feral Australian breed, adapting to the harsh conditions of the Australian outback
Ponui Donkey Ponui  Donkey These are New Zealand’s only feral donkey breed, being descendants of three Australian donkeys imported from Australia in the 1880’s.  They are sturdy, docile and are rare with enthusiasts currently trying to build up a viable, genetically pure population.