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Such a lovely story

Review for Jed Finds His Forever Home (eBook)This book is so good on so many levels. It sends positive messages to children and adults alike. I hope there is a follow up book – we want to know what Jed gets up to! Posted by Catherine Glass on 2017-02-16 15:27:17

Jed Finds His Forever Home

Review for Jed Finds His Forever Home (Print Copy)I read this as an ebook last night, it is such a sad but ultimately beautiful little story with an important message! Loved it and will be buying for my little niece! Posted by Scruff & Lynn on 2016-05-09 21:11:14

A lovely story

Review for Jed Finds His Forever HomeI think I enjoyed reading this book to my 5 year old as much as he enjoyed listening to it! He simply loved the illustrations and we had to stop after each page and look at the painting about which, more often than not, […]

Jed Finds His Forever Home

Review for Jed Finds His Forever HomeA beautifully written book with amazing artwork throughout. Posted by Neen on 2016-04-24 12:09:45

Iams Senior Cat Food

Review for Cats – FoodI switched my cat onto this food and the difference is amazing! She has more energy and her coat has more shine than ever before. I highly recommend this cat food for older cats. Posted by Amy on 2016-04-24 11:36:10


Review for Dogs – TrainingTotal Dog at MONA Vale is the best for Doggy Day care and Andrew, the owner, is the ‘dog whisperer’ ! He great at helping owners and their best friends with their training. He’s especially good with dogs with special issues. Gypsy Posted by Gypsy O’Brien […]

Rehoming a Shetland Pony

Review for Horses – GeneralWhen I had a property a friend gave me a shetland pony that was proving too much of a handful for his grandchildren. “Rocket” was a really lovely pony, just had a strong will and was an absolute guts! I found him very useful on the […]

Retiring a Pacer

Review for Horses – GeneralI had a share in a pacer – or as many may refer to them, a Harness Horse or Standardbred. Anyway, he was a gelding so when he finished racing (won 5 races!) there was the question of what to do with him. None of the […]