Ten fings you prolly don’t knows about me . . .

10 fings you prolly don’t knows about me

1. I don’t comes when I am called.- neber eber bekaws I’m me own man. Mum did takes me to the dog training for lotsa times but the lady sayed I’m the leader of the lost causes tribe. That means that I be speshal .

2. I’m likes the camels. I can hold in a wee for hours and hours when its cold outside. I fink it be a outrage I can’t use the toilets so I does holds on. Nana sayed it’s obvious I ain’t neber had a baby😳

3.  I be bery excylent at walking in reverses. I can backs up like dads trucks and I don’t eben has to looks over me shoulder bekaws I does has eyes in the back of me heads. 🐾

4. I were dumped at the RSPCA when I was 4 weeks old.

5. I gots a dodgy front leg so the breeders didn’t want me prolly bekaws she fort I coodnt dances. But matter of the facts I be exylent dancers.

6. The vet tooked me nuggets.- I fink he be the weirdos.

7. I don’t likes the funner and the lighlings and the wind monsters. They give me the night horses.😱😱

8. I might looks like a Moodle.. but I’m really Spidey Mans.. i jus aint got a soots

9. I’m so portant, me mum writed a books about me called “Jed finds his forever home”

10. Bekaws I be a lebrity all the women’s loves me and ebryfings. I let them takes me photys but there be no kissin!!

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