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It’s holiday time and who doesn’t get excited about going away on holidays!  But wouldn’t it be just so much better if you could take your furry friend with you . . .  yes, absolutely yes!

Here at Stayz there are over 2,000 pet friendly accommodation venues where you and your companion pet* will be welcomed.


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Once you have worked out where you can holiday with your pet, it’s time to ensure that you and your pet arrive there safely.

If you are driving, cats need to be secured in a well ventilated cage and dogs, if not crated, need to be restrained in a proper seat belt harness.  In the case of an emergency stop or accident, an unsecured dog is an extremely dangerous projectile inside a car.  Although they love to have their heads out of a window whilst zipping down the freeway, this is also a potentially dangerous thing for them to do.

If you haven’t driven distances with your pets before, it might be an idea to speak with your veterinarian about possible remedies for animal motion sickness.  And please remember, never leave your pets in the car on a warm day – the car can heat up in minutes and cause death in a short period of time.

But perhaps you are flying to your holiday destination with your pet.  As the fees differ between airlines, most information can be gained by looking at the following links :

Virgin Australia
Air New Zealand

*  Some accomodation venues only cater for specific pets.  Please make sure the one you choose caters for your pets species.