Happy Face Jed

Welcomes to my Websites

Hello ebryone I’m Jed and welcomes to my websites.

You prolly knows me as the portant Instagram lebrity General Jed-leader of the international Petzforce. You can finds me @petcationz where the Petzforce goes on missions all around the world to saves pet kind from terrible evils

On my website you will be able to learn  about all kinds of different pets from lizards and horses.. To cats!  I want to help you find the best pet for you so i has been busy doing all the researches and My Dog there be lotsa different pets around!

I has also put a tab to tells you all about special needs pets and the portant job they do helping peoples wif special needs.

You can visit my shop and buy my pawtobiography “Jed finds his forever Home” this one will prolly makes you crys and ebryfing so get yer tissues handy. Coming soon is the mazing Petzforce clothing line, I be known for all me mazing cloves and ebryone wants to dresses like me so I been working  bery hard designing cloves so you can buys them and dress up like a real life Petzforce agent. Oh this is going to be funs and ebryfings!

On me websites you can also looks up all the places where your humans  can takes  pets on holidays wif them becaus it be undoggingbelievables that we has to be put in kennels while they go on holidays! Families should all holidays togevver so I want you to tells us all about the best places to travel wif your humans.

I hope you like me websites and if you want to send me a story, just emails me  but ladies… no offenses but I aint gonna marrys ya and I aint gonna kisses ya… and I  be terrible sorry about that.


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